Wending its way between vines and hillsides, the Champagne Trail will introduce you to the rich viticultural heritage of the Marne.
Visit vines to breathe the fragrance of saps... Push the cellars' doors:
you will be greeted by winegrowers, eager to share their passion.

Route touristique du Champagne


To explore Champagne and its unique terroir, simply follow the Champagne Trail and let it guide you through 5 discovery tours.

Signposted from beginning to end, the trail winds its way through vineyards and across patchwork hillsides dotted with traditional villages, chateaux and churches. Make a stop along the way at a winegrower or a Champagne house to find out the secrets of how this wine is produced.

+ Massif de Saint-Thierry
+ Reims Mountain
+ Vallée de la Marne
+ Hills of Vitry
+ Côte des Blancs


Nearly 250 miles of signposted ways cross the Champagne region. Needless to say, there are many opportunities to experience the wine heritage.

To understand what makes this beverage so unique, there is nothing like getting stuck in the vines, go through picturesque villages, admire the rural heritage and make a stop at a winegrower’s place to enjoy this precious wine.


Locating the Champagne region and its terroir

Did you know?

Patron saint of winegrowers, Saint Vincent is honored
each year on the Sunday after 22 January.

Each village in Champagne has its own fellowship,
in which one member has the honor of holding Saint Vincent’s stick.
This popular celebration is an opportunity
to gather in traditional costumes during a
formal mass, followed by a banquet and the presentation of a certificate.

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