Between Brie and Champagne stretches a region of hillsides and vines, forests and marshland.

Come and savour the rich diversity of the areas around Esternay and Sézanne, less than ten miles from Epernay.

The local history will unfold as you venture from site to site, including châteaux, abbeys, churches and other fascinating monuments of the past. Brie Champenoise is also worth a visit for its local community. Some have turned making Champagne – and letting you taste it! – into an art form, while others are passionate about making your stay a pleasant one by offering regional products and leisure and relaxation activities for the whole family. Brie Champenoise is a place that has won the hearts of Henri IV of France, Victor Hugo, Marcel Proust and many others... It looks forward to giving you the most sparkling of welcomes.

Esternay is packed with heritage sites for visitors including villages, churches, farms, abbeys, châteaux and fountains. Stretching between the hills of Ile-de-France and the valleys of Le Grand Morin and La Noxe, this vast farming region was made for green tourism with many public footpaths winding through the national forests of La Traconne and Le Gault.

Montmirail lies in the heart of the countryside surrounded by Vallée du Petit Morin Valley, forests and lakes. A flagship site of Napoleon’s military engineering, the Battle of Montmirail was won by a division of the young "Marie-Louise" guard and the Old Guard on 11 February 1814. Places to visit include Château de Montmirail, the narrow streets around its ramparts, the church of Saint-Etienne de Montmirail and the Tour de Montléan.

Sézanne, an authentic medieval city that wears its past on its sleeve, is a wonderful place to explore while walking. Step through 1,000 years of history, from the church of Saint-Denis, the covered market, shaded malls and walls, narrow lanes, traditional houses… All of these old stones hold the history and fables on which Sézanne’s legacy was built.


The surprising
Saint Gond swamps...

In Reuves, the tree frog is singing loudly, the crested newt is backstroke
swimming, butterflies and dragonflies are muttering... This scene is not
drawn from a children's story but is indeed noticeable
in the Saint Gond swamps.

Many endangered vegetal and animal species in France
found shelter in this surprising place.
From Reuves, a trail allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere.


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