The Côte des Blancs is the homeland of the Chardonnay grape. Its villages, built in the style of amphitheatres on the hillsides, are famous worldwide. The hillsides around Sézanne combine the charm of the countryside with the appeal of the local winegrowing trade. This trail, starting from Epernay or Villenauxe-la-Grande, offers plenty of fascinating reminders of the past along the way.

Between Epernay and Vertus, the north-south facing Côte des Blancs is set on the edges of the Plateau de Brie. Your journey begins in Epernay as you ascend the famous Avenue de Champagne where you will spot in succession many of the industry’s most prestigious names. Bypassing Mont Bernon via Chouilly, descend towards Pierry – where you can visit its 18th century castle, storeroom and cellars - and also Chavot-Courcourt church (12th century), a solitary island of stone in an ocean of vines.

Finally continue along the trail to Chantemerle and then Villenauxe-la-Grande, known for its ceramics and earthenware. The traditional houses in the old town and the churches dedicated to Saint Pierre and Saint Paul, with their majestic chancels, make the perfect conclusion to your tour of the Côte des Blancs.



You will also discover:

- the over-sized bottle (8,50 m) in Cramant
- the small village of Avize decorated in frescoes
- Oger and its museum dedicated to "traditions, love and Champagne"
- the "museum of the vine and wine” in Mesnil-sur-Oger

- the narrow streets, fountains and Saint-Martin church in Vertus
- the Marne National War Monument in Mondement
- Sézanne, medieval town
- the forêt de la Traconne