The Coteaux du Sézannais join the Marne department to the Aube department and offer a great way to explore the Champagne area of Brie and Villenauxe-la-Grande!


Some 15 winegrowers sporting the label will share with you their secrets for producing champagne during a tasting or guided tour of their grounds. Some of them also organize events and meals - don't miss out!


Things to do and see:

- Pedestrian and bicycle touring trails;
- A nature trail through the Marshes of Saint-Gond;
- The châteaux of Montmort and Etoges;
- The abbeys: Notre Dame du Reclus in Talus Saint Prix, Baye, Oyes;
- Stone menhirs and dolmens (standing stones and portal tombs);

- The commemorative monument for the first Battle of the Marne in Mondement;
- The fortifications, mills, convents, monasteries and churches of Sézanne;
- Villenauxe-la-Grande and the contemporary stained-glass windows of the churches of Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul.