Die Besichtigung der Weinkeller

Die Winzer der Champagnerhauser empfangen Sie gerne und laden Sie ein, die Geheimnisse
der Champagnerherstellung zu entdecken.


Statten Sie ihnen einen Besuch ab: Sie erfahren alles über den Vin clair - den Grundwein des Champagners - , jahrhundertealte Weinpressen, die Emotionen der Weinlese und manchmal über die Geheimnisse der Liköre. Hören Sie ihnen zu. Ihr Stolz ist Ausdruck ihres Respekts für die Natur und ihre Leidenschaft hat nur ein Ziel: Die Arbeit eines ganzen Jahres mit Ihnen zu teilen.

"Übermäßiger Alkoholgenuss schadet der Gesundheit, in Maßen genießen"

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Champagne Emile Leclère - Mardeuil
Champagne Emile Leclère is happy to introduce you to its know-how, with a tour of the cellar and a tasting of two champagnes of your choice. Booki...
A visit to the estate.
Champagne Abel Jobart
Champagne Abel Jobart welcomes visitors throughout the year to share in its passion for the trade. Discover the mysteries of champagne-making on a ...
Champagne Richard Dhondt - Dizy
Our range of champagnes is a product of the varied winegrowing areas characteristic of our region (Grand Cru, Premier Cru and other crus). Located ...
Champagne Delong Marlène
Champagne Gérard Delong respects the environment by using traditional, natural methods. Marlène and Damien offer a guided tour and a tasting of the...
Champagne Rollin - Bragelogne-Beauvoir



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Champagne Rollin

The Rollin family have been growing and producing wine for four generations. The brand really came into its own in 1982, and has continued to expan...
Champagne Henri Giraud - Aÿ
Maison de Champagne Henri Giraud offers tastings only.
La Fine Bulle - Epernay (4)
The boutique area showcases the vintages of 25 wine growers and those of prestigious labels. The discovery continues in the tasting area. Every mon...
A visit to the cellars, the press-house and the fermenting room.
Champagne Jean-Marie Rigot -



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Champagne J-M Rigot

A visit to the cellars. A family-owned estate. A pleasant setting covered with flowers.
Your host will introduce you to his wines and no doubt share a few of his secrets! Tours by arrangement only.
Champagne Bonnet-Ponson - Chamery (3)
A visit to the cellars (frescoes and stained-glass windows portraying champagne).
Maison de Champagne Mercier – Epernay
An audio-guided visit to the cellars in a little laser-guided train (18km of underground tunnels cut into the chalk). Descent in a panoramic lift. ...
Champagne Edouard Martin - Bouzy©Champagne Edouard Martin1
Visitors are greeted at the family home of the founder, Edouard Martin, where Jean Baptiste Martin (the fourth-generation wine-grower) lives and wo...
Champagne Doyard - Vertus©Champagne Doyard (5)
Winner of the Prix du Jury Jeune Talent du Champagne award Grower-winemaker for four generations and winegrower for twelve generations, our Domaine...