Circuit du Plateau de Mondement MONDEMENT-MONTGIVROUX

Circuit du Plateau de Mondement


Time required for the tour
7 hours 15 minutes

Length in km
28 km

Starting from

Immense and regal boundary stone, looking over to the furthermost borders of the East, the national memorial at Mondement pays homage "To all those who on our land, for time immemorial, have set the boundary against the invader".

On the way
Mondement: memorial commemorating the victory of the Marne, museum, castle, 17th-18th century church
Views over the plain of la Brie and the Saint-Gond marshes
Broyes: 15th-16th century church, castle ruins
Allemant: church of Saint-Rémy flamboyant style (whose bell tower was used as an observatory by Napoleon in the Battle of Fère-Champenoise in 1814)


Last update : 13-12-2018