Discover this selection of various sites and monuments, for unforgettable moments in la Champagne, la Marne!

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Monument de Navarin

The monument was erected to honour the dead of the 107 French and allied divisions who fought on the front lines of the Champagne region during the...
This camp, located between Vienne-le-Château and Binarville, was a rest camp occupied by the 83rd Regiment of the German Landwehr....
La Cave aux Coquillages - Fleury-la-Rivièr



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La Cave aux Coquillages

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An exceptional fossiliferous site situated below the vines abounding in shells that are several tens of millions of years old. The site is renowned...
The monument is a 35-metre high monolith erected to commemorate the first victory of the Marne in September 1914.
At the time when it still stood at the entrance to Vitry-le-François, the Porte du Pont saw all the European aristocracy file by: Stanslas I, King...



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Basilique Saint Remi

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This Romanesque Benedictine abbey was transformed during the Gothic period and became a parish church during the French Revolution. It is a listed...
A listed Unesco World Heritage site, this museum of history and archaeology from prehistoric times to the Renaissance comprises a 12th century...



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Village Musée du Der

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A small village of authentic rebuilt timber-frame houses helps you explore the incredible history of the lake's creation and the three villages...



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Abbaye de Trois Fontaines

The Abbey of Trois-Fontaines was founded in 1118 by St Bernard of Clairvaux. From the 12th century there remain the ruins of the abbey church. The...
Visits on heritage days only. The abbey, founded in 650 by Saint Nivard, archbishop of Reims, hosted Dom Pérignon whose life is closely associated...
Château - Réveillo



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A Henry IV-style castle, in the 18th century Réveillon was inhabited by the Minister of Foreign Affairs during the reign of Louis XV and by the...
Avenue de Champagne is home to the prestigious houses which produce and trade in this world-famous wine. Many 19th-century Renaissance- and...



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Cathédrale Notre-Dame

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Notre-Dame de Reims is one of the major creations of Gothic art in Europe. Included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites, this 13th century...
The colossal statue of Pope Urban II was erected in 1887 and is 25 metres high ; the viewpoint indicator allows visitors to locate the 22...



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Ecomusée Champenois

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This museum has been set up in traditional buildings in the heart of a wine-producing village, situated between Epernay and Dormans which has kept...