Far from the uproar of big cities, richnesses and colours of nature let themselves be crossed and gazed at!

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Jardin de Vignes - Cramant
The concept of vine gardens allows a return to the roots of Champagne by promoting the terroir and its winegrowing identity. In this way the Commun...



Parc botanique du Gué

Arboretum de Jonchery sur Vesle
The Arboretum in the Municipal Park serves for the conservation and observation of forest trees from around the world.
Faux de Verzy©E. Vidal-Coll.ADT Marne10
Montagne de Reims Regional Natural Park lends itself to the leisurely exploration of waymarked footpaths and mountain-bike trails, to discover the ...
With regard to nature, this public area includes a natural spawning ground, in the centre of a flowery meadow prone to flooding, with three observa...
Separated in 1841 from the « Parc de la Patte d’Oie » (the Crow’s Foot Park) when the future Boulevard Roederer was built, this garden has successi...
Le Thoult Trosnay (3)



Balade à Le Thoult Trosnay

For many years, when the priory reigned over the region, le petit Morin was crossed on foot here in this favourable spot in the valley. The ford, o...
Mancy (6)
In Mancy, walking is highly advisable. To walk past the prettily decorated façades, follow the stream, explore the Romanesque church, its three nav...
Les Rivières Henruel (4)



Balade à Les Rivières Henruel

The village can be explored starting from the age-old chestnut tree well set with its stone in the centre. The washerwomen's tour passes the washho...
The inhabitants of Loivre are called "Sourciers", because of the springs which begin in the area, including that of la Loivre. It is pleasant to wa...