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Guided or unaccompanied tours in the city of Châlons-en-Champagne. This city of Art and History offers timber-frame houses, mansions, religious heritage, Joseph Perrier cellars...
These gems of Romanesque and Gothic architecture are not the only benefits of Châlons: water and greenery add to the charm of the city.
If you want to travel in groups, special days can be organised on different themes.

Châlons-en-Champagne Tourist Office - 03 26 65 17 89 -


Guided or unaccompanied tours in the city of Epernay, including the stately Champagne Avenue. This is the avenue where some of the most prestigious Champagne houses are located (you can reach the avenue by bus, tourist train, or while walking).
During the visit, don’t forget to check out the town hall built in 1858, the Gabrielle Dorziat theatre opened in 1902, the 16th-century Notre-Dame church and Saint-Martin portal.
You can also visit the city to French Sign Language.

Epernay Tourist Office - 03 26 53 33 00 -


Guided or unaccompanied tours in the city of Esternay. If you follow the “wash houses trip”, three pedestrians tours will make you discover the numerous wash houses of the city, which have been restored and glorified.

Esternay Tourist Office - 03 26 80 27 07 -


Guided or unaccompanied tours in the village of Hautvillers. It is a lovely traditional and picturesque village in the Reims Mountain Regional Nature Park, at the heart of the wine-growing region. Hautvillers owes its reputation to Dom Pérignon, Father of several important discoveries, such as the blend of grapes from different soils. Since 1981, the village is ranked “Historical site and monument” as the “Cradle of Champagne”. Hautvillers is also known for its 140 wrought iron signs on the fronts of most houses, and its narrow streets to stride along.
There are possibilities to taste Champagne after the guided tour.

Les Amis d’Hautvillers Association - 03 26 57 06 35 -
Hautvillers Tourist Office - + 33 (0)3 26 57 06 35 - 


Guided or unaccompanied tours in the city of Montmirail. This city dominates the valley of the Petit Morin. Inhabited long before the Gallic era, it retains the prints from different eras. The tour reveals the remains of walls and towers, but also statues, some of them being from 1618.
Guided tour of the “statues’ trip”: this tour gives prominence to the fascinating statues that punctuate the city. It also borrows the old town’s streets and the remains of the ramparts.

Montmirail Tourist Office
03 26 81 40 05 -


Guided or unaccompanied tours in the city of Reims, with the discovery of several UNESCO world heritage sites in the coronation city. Other tours are available: the gallo-roman cryptoporticus, the various parks and gardens, the Art Deco, the Saint Remi organs…

Reims Tourist Office - 03 26 77 45 15 -


Guided or unaccompanied tours in the village of Saint-Amand-sur-Fion. It offers visitors a unique architectural heritage with its 12th-century and 13th century church and a set of more than 100 timber-frame houses from the early 19th century. Tourists can also visit the horse-drawn carriages museum.

Promouvoir Saint-Amand-sur-Fion et la vallée du Fion Association
Mme Monique Fuinel - 03 26 73 94 55


Guided or unaccompanied tours in the city of Saint-Ménehould, with the possibility to do a city tour on the river (on a pedalo) from May to October, but also to visit several thematic spots (Valmy…).

Pays d’Argonne Tourist Office
03 26 60 85 83 - - 


Guided or unaccompanied tours in the city of Sézanne. Marked by its past, the city offers lovely walks. It is the discovery of 10 centuries of history: the Church of Saint Denis, the Baltard’s “Hall de Style”, shady walks, remains of towers and walls, alleys... Capacity: 30 people.

Sézanne Tourist Office - 03 26 80 51 43 -