The Marne department is the first french department in bloom and its inhabitants are very proud of it!

Is it because a rose bush was planted in front of each row of vines to indicate the presence of diseases in the past? Maybe.
But there are probably way easier reasons: a taste in welcoming, the desire to show the village or house in the best light,
to give even more joy to Spring and grow this treasured emblem of love…


Towns and villages in bloom

The Marne department owes this accolade to the 174 municipalities awarded between "1 and 4 flowers" and to the 415 towns and villages in the department (out of 620) that take part in the "towns and villages in bloom" competition annually.


The Marne department in bloom encompasses 10 towns that have won 4 flowers, including: Baconnes, European winner of the Entente Florale Competition; Haussimont, winner of France’s ‘National Tree Award’ in 2007, and Oger, gold medallist of the Entente Florale in 2005.

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The competition

The national competition was created in 1959 by the Conseil National des Villes et Villages Fleuris (Towns and Villages in Bloom National Council) to promote every single action in favour of green spaces’ development.

This competition has been tied to the Departmental Tourist Board for more than 30 years. The applicants are visited by several panels of judges who provide advice, suggestions and support.
These panels consist of a hundred skilled and dedicated volunteers: a unique organisation in France.

Parks and gardens

The green spaces in the Marne department include fifty or so parks and gardens where you can find peace and calm, enjoy moments of relaxation and learn a thing or two as well!
The top five gardens to visit (classified as "remarkable gardens"): La Presle Botanical Gardens in Nanteuil la Forêt; Entre Cour et Jardin in Sézanne; Le Petit Jard in Châlons-en-Champagne; Le Jardin de l'Hôtel de Ville in Epernay, and Le jardin de l'Horticulture in Epernay.

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La Marne à fleur de Peau - A CDT Marne / Time Code Productions Film


Floral walks

In 2000, the Floral walks (balades fleuries) were introduced in France as a special way of making the villages in bloom better known to tourists, and were lauded in 2004 by the Etoiles de l'accueil hospitality awards.

Towns and villages awarded "1 to 4 flowers" offer tourists who enjoy flowers and beautiful landscapes flower-themed walks. The free, self-guided and signposted trails are set on easy footpaths. Yellow signposts bearing a red flower invite walkers to explore, admire and smell flowers along the way. An original and fascinating way to recharge your batteries and share your love of plants and nature with other enthusiasts.

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The "Marne" Rose

Created in 1915 by the rose-grower Barbier from Orleans, this rose
pays homage to the French soldiers victorious in the first Battle of the Marne.

In 1995, Edith Brochet, a nursery gardener in Nanteuil la Forêt and a specialist in old roses, admired this rose in a book, photographed in a cemetery in California by British journalists. After some research, she  found it again in the rose gardens of l’Hay les Roses (Val de Marne).

In 1997, the Marne Department Tourist Board asked Edith to produce the rose and decided to make it the symbol of the Marne department, which had just won the National "Département Fleuri" (Department in Bloom) Trophy.

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