Marais de Reuves©Laure Rogeaux-CENCA
The vast wetland area of the Marais de Saint-Gond is a mosaic of unique natural habitats in the heart of Champagne, including peat bogs, ponds, and...
A one hectare public park right in the town centre. These gardens focus on earth (the botanical garden, the games area and the petanque ground), wa...
Parc Horticulture
Created in 1873 by the local Horticultural Society, this landscaped park was opened to the public in 1937. It has a rose garden as well as an excel...
Jardin Bayard (3)



Jardin Bayard

This romantically aromatic garden has collections of perennials, bamboos, grasses and cacti. Among the many paths that it irrigates, the waterway l...
The Jardin Sensoriel has been designed to ensure an efficient welcome adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. The garden evokes the five...
Created in 1973 by landscape architect Jacques Simon, as part of the construction of the district of Croix Rouge. 60% wooded area. Undulating, circ...
Parc du Tulipier-Vienne le Château©Le Tulipier



Le Parc du Tulipier

This 25-hectare park contains a large number of old forest species, together with a majestic tulip tree. 35 metres tall, this rare and remarkable t...
Arboretum de Jonchery sur Vesle



Arboretum de Jonchery-sur-Vesle

The Arboretum in the Municipal Park serves for the conservation and observation of forest trees from around the world.
Les Carrières souterraines - Vertus
The Vertus underground quarries are home to notch-eared bats with up to 70 individuals being recorded in winter. An information board has been inst...



Les Jardins de mon Moulin

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