Fitted out Garden, with panels of interpretation, around the theme of the vineyard : stages of growths, types of vines in Champagne, photos... Craw...
Parc Horticulture
Created in 1873 by the local Horticultural Society, this landscaped park was opened to the public in 1937. It has a rose garden as well as an excel...
Le Mont-Aimé



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Le Mont Aimé

Rising up to 240 metres, this is a historic site. The Mont-Aimé appears to have been inhabited by man since Neolithic times before becoming the se...



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Jardin du Clos Saint Saturnin

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For 30 years, the owners have been placing calcicolous plants in the ground which like damp environments or dry soil. The garden is classified as a...
Le Parc Fleuri
In a former sheep fold, discover lots of different beds containing roses, perennials, clematis and shrubs, with trees to provide a bit of shade and...
Garden: perennial plants, grass, shrubs, annual flowers, fruit trees, vegetable garden and wooden animal figurines.
Jardin - Châtillon-sur-Morin (2)



Jardin de M. et Mme Provence

5000m2 of gardens with numerous varieties of annual and perennial plants, trees and shrubs.
A one hectare public park right in the town centre. These gardens focus on earth (the botanical garden, the games area and the petanque ground), wa...
Les Jardins Pédagogiques du Village Musée du Der
This reconstructed museum village presents the history of the lake, the local architecture and the crafts and traditions of the Champagne countrysi...



Parc botanique du Gué