Pink biscuits, lentils, honey, asparagus, cheeses, pork, or cider and more: the regional products of the Marne department are a feast for the eyes as much as the palate...

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Biscuithèque & Co - Rosnay
Françoise will show you the wares of artisan biscuit makers and local producers proud of their knowledge and their region, whose products are avail...
OrJy is a top-fermented craft beer. Its name comes from “orge” (the French word for barley) and Juvigny, the place where it is made. The Brewery al...
Ferme de la Plaine Champenoise. In this mixed arable and livestock farm set in the heart of Champagne, a yard of free-range chickens, cocks and hen...



Jardin d'Ava

Jardin d'Ava grows organic carrots and cereals (lucerne, rape, maize).
Fossier©Fossier-Coll.CDT Marne (1)
Welcome to a world of delicacies. Discover via a film, the fabulous history of Biscuits Fossier which started in 1756 in the times of the kings. A ...
La ferme de Tilloy - Tilloy et Bellay
La Ferme de Tilloy specialises in foie gras and grain-fed duck products.



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Ferme De Morienne

Ferme De Morienne specialises in pheasant-rearing, terrines, ready-made dishes, rillettes and game pheasants. Free visits.
La Bouquine - Cormontreuil
Mathieu has a love affair with beer and can talk about his favourite subject for hours! He knows everything there is to know about his favourite ...
Bière de Valmy
The Orgemont Brewery produces and markets beer and cheese from Orgemont, thus renewing with the rural tradition of the Champagne Ardenne region. A ...
La Gaize d'Argonne
La Gaize d'Argonne is a blend of white chocolate, pistachio paste and plum brandy-flavoured cream, all rolled in icing sugar.
La Bertonnerie produces ‘lentillons de Champagne-Ardenne’ (a type of very pale pink lentil with a slightly sweet taste). Crop tours by arrangement.



EARL Leclere

EARL Leclere sells cereals, oilseeds and pulses, including ‘lentillons de Champagne’ (a type of lentil), directly to the public. Organic produce. ...
Here you will find terrines, sausages and farm produce.