The Marne department has been at the heart of the First World War battles, and today marks the centenary.

You can now discover the specific website dedicated to celebrations in the Marne department.

Over four years, the Marne department took a heavy toll from the 'Great War'. On the front section of Champagne, four major battles took place:

- The strong French offensive of 25 September 1915, which had limited success,
- The occupation of Massif de Moronvilliers by enemy troops in April/May 1917,
- The failure of the final German attack, named "FRIEDENSTURM" (Peace Offensive) by the 4th Battalion under General Gouraud on 15 July 1918,
- And finally the victorious French-American offensive on 26 September 1918 which liberated Sommepy and ended on 11 November in Sedan.

Each site still bears the scars which can be seen today. The key sites dedicated to living memory are places for contemplation. Fort Herbillon, Mondement Monument, Navarin Ossuary Monument, Dormans Memorial, Interpreting Centre in Suippes, Mont Moret, several memorial sites in Argonne and numerous military cemeteries, the history of the last century still has a voice in our region.

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The duty of remembrance

"Today, there are no more direct witnesses of the Great War
and remembrance is evolving towards History. It is a necessity to remind people of the part of these men and women during the Great
War: it is a necessity to honor them.
We aim to relay their testimonies to raise awareness about a time that
deeply transformed our territory."

Hélène Méhault Interview - Interpreting Centre in Suippes


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