Want to get high, admire the ocean and its extensive vineyards from above?

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Maiden flights, renewal of pilot's licences (BB - PL), parachuting section.
First flights by plane, initiation flight with instructors (1 am min.) and flight of discovery to admire the region.
Come and experience the thrill of flying in a gyroplane or an ultra-light aircraft. Three tours are offered: - the Champagne hills tour - the ...
Les Ailes Sparnaciennes - Plivot (1)



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Les Ailes Sparnaciennes

Prices from 100 €

Les Ailes Sparnaciennes offers 15- and 30-minute taster flights in a three/four-seater light aircraft.



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Héli-Bulles 51

Prices from 60 €

Héli-Bulles 51 offers first flights and discovery routes in the area of Epernay.
Aéro Club Sezannais - Sézanne
The Aéroclub Sézannais offers beginners’ flights, taster flights, introductory flying courses and pilot’s licence courses.



Ballon captif - Epernay

Prices from 12 €

Thrills are guaranteed with this 360° panorama from Épernay in this unique 32 metre high balloon, all at 150 metres in the air!!! Unique in the ...
Reims Planeur - Reims



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Reims Planeur

Prices from 80 €

Experience the unique sensations of flight, in a peaceful setting and in harmony with nature – a chance to indulge in the extraordinary pleasure of...



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Air Tonic Montgolfières

Prices from 195 €

Climb on board one of our Air Tonic hot- air balloons and rise up in the sky for 4 hours of pleasure. Any excuse is good to get away from it all in...



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Bleu Ciel Aéro

First flights in ULM (duration : 15 min.) and flights in retro biplane (duration : 20 min.).
Looking for a break and to reach for the sky? Throw yourself into a baptism of air or an introductory flight on a glider! All you need to do ...
Potes en Ciel - Champaubert la Bataille
First flights in paragliding.