Welcome to Plivot for an introduction to gyroplanes!

Pascal accompanies you for a minimum 15 minutes’ stroll in the air during which he’ll tell you all about the countryside below.

The gyroplane will hold no more secrets for you!

Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture this unforgettable moment.

Enjoy a unique experience in Europe thanks to the two-seater helicopter simulator.

Designed by Pascal, it’s placed on a base with wheels and surrounded by a gantry. It moves and rises up to 1.50 m off the ground.

Pascal joins you and guides you through the controls: lifting up the chopper, turning it around, accelerating, moving forward, moving backwards, etc.

Bookings required.

Spoken languages :

French English

Pets allowed

Facilities :

Prices :

Information Min. Rate Max. Rate Further information
Base rate 50 50
Base rate 90 90
Base rate 145 145
Base rate 20 20
Base rate 40 40
Base rate 50 50

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Last update : 05-11-2019