Shrines, parks, museums or historic districts: the Marne's heritage
takes on the most various forms and will know how to surprise you!

Six sites are listed as World Heritage by Unesco: amazement guaranteed in these places of beauty and serenity...

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This church is a listed Unesco World Heritage site due to its association with the Routes of Saint-James-of-Compostela. It is a jewel of Romanesque...
Musée - Heiltz Le Maurupt
Come and discover a major collection of old toys, bicycles, First World War memorabilia, gramophones, traditional trades and their tools, a 1950s...



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Musée Garinet

This museum is sheltered in the oldest stone-built house of Châlons-in-Champagne. You enter the apartment of a 19th century inhabitant...



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Abbaye Notre Dame du Reclus

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In a very restful, preserved green setting, the Cistercian abbey of Notre-Dame du Reclus was founded in the 12th century by St Bernard. Today it...
A hint of Romanesque, a touch of Baroque and a great deal of Radiant Gothic architecture make this a building which commands admiration (12th -17th...



Tour de Montfaucon

Ecomusée Champenois - Oeuilly



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Ecomusée Champenois

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This museum has been set up in traditional buildings in the heart of a wine-producing village, situated between Epernay and Dormans which has kept...
Porte Sainte Croix - Châlons-en-Champagne



Porte Sainte Croix

Built in 1769, it was once known as Porte Dauphine. It was originally a door that controlled one of the entrances to the town. It was dedicated to ...
Château de Braux Sainte Cohière



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Château de Braux Sainte-Cohière

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Once a fortified military command post in the 16th and 17th centuries and a legendary site in the Argonne region, the Château de Braux Sainte...
In this discovery centre dedicated to the events that occurred during the First World War on the front lines of the Champagne region, you will...
La Cave aux Coquillages - Fleury-la-Rivièr
An exceptional fossiliferous site situated below the vines abounding in shells that are several tens of millions of years old. The site is renowned...



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Basilique Saint-Remi

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This Romanesque Benedictine abbey was transformed during the Gothic period and became a parish church during the French Revolution. It is a listed...
La Main de Massiges, or ‘Hand of Massiges’, is an important First World War site. Following their withdrawal in September 1914, the Germans took up...