Shrines, parks, museums or historic districts: the Marne's heritage
takes on the most various forms and will know how to surprise you!

Six sites are listed as World Heritage by Unesco: amazement guaranteed in these places of beauty and serenity...

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Temple protestant - Châlons-en-Champagne



Temple Protestant

Only open to visitors on heritage days. Pastor Andrault, assisted by Paul Krug of Reims, is behind the construction of this Neo-Gothic style churc...
Musée des beaux arts et d'archéologie - Châlons-en-Champagne (1)
The Museum of Fine Arts and Archaeology One of the oldest museums in France which has almost 130,000 pieces : collections of paintings from the 15t...
98 British soldiers killed in summer 1918 are buried here.
The Moulin de Verzenay was restored in 1949 at the instigation of Mr Rémy, the then director of the Heidsieck vineyard. Structural work, joinery ...
Synagogue - Epernay




Discover the Byzantine-style façade with its remarkable rose window, at the centre of which is a Star of David. The synagogue was built in 1889...
Reims Tourist Office (Office de Tourisme de Reims) offers audioguides to the city, the cathedral, the Palace of Tau, the Saint-Remi basilica and...
In this discovery centre dedicated to the events that occurred during the First World War on the front lines of the Champagne region, you will...
The British military cemetery lies at the far end of the municipal cemetery. 70 British soldiers killed in the summer of 1918 are buried here,...



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Abbaye de Trois-Fontaines

The Abbey of Trois-Fontaines was founded in 1118 by St Bernard of Clairvaux. From the 12th century there remain the ruins of the abbey church. The...
This cemetery is 17 km southwest of Reims, alongside the RD 380 to Dormans. WWI: 434 British soldiers (191 of them unknown) and 1 Indian.
Lieux de mémoire aux victimes du nazisme - Châlons-en-Champagne (1)



Ancien Siège de la Gestapo

This memorial site is housed in the basement of a building that was requisitioned by the Gestapo during the Second World War. It contains an...
Draw closer to this astonishing 75 m² model featuring more than 180 figures of which some are animated. A typical Marne-style village is displayed...