Shrines, parks, museums or historic districts: the Marne's heritage
takes on the most various forms and will know how to surprise you!

Six sites are listed as World Heritage by Unesco: amazement guaranteed in these places of beauty and serenity...

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This sculpture depicts the element ‘earth’, in a tribute to philosopher Gaston Bachelard. It stands in the midst of vines. Located on the Mailly-C...
Allemant 1
Perched on a hill, the village is a fantastic viewpoint. Worth visiting is the fine 12th-century church, with its wild box and fig trees and, all...
Château de Braux Sainte Cohière



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Château de Braux Sainte-Cohière

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Once a fortified military command post in the 16th and 17th centuries and a legendary site in the Argonne region, the Château de Braux Sainte...



Tour de Montfaucon

Eglise Saint-Memmie



Eglise Saint Memmie

The church of Saint-Memmie dates from the late 11th century for the older sections. The nave is Gothic in style while the choir and chapels date...



Cimetière militaire russe

The Russian cemetery at Saint-Hilaire-le-Grand, with an area of 3 412 sqm, contains the bodies of 915 Russian soldiers. There is also a chapel ded...
Notre-Dame de Reims is one of the major creations of Gothic art in Europe. Included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites, this 13th century...
Bligny Allemand
This cemetery contains 4 732 German soldiers killed in the First World War, 1 670 of them in an ossuary.



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Eglise Saint Alpin

Built in the end of the XVIth century, reshaped and enlarged in the XVIth century, it was the church of Châlons the most marked by the Renaissance...
A commemorative Novgorod-style chapel dedicated to the 6,100 Russian soldiers who were killed in France during the First World War....