Ecotourisme is a key issue for tourist destinations today.
Sustainable tourism means satisfying the needs of tourists and tourist destinations without compromising
the preservation of cultural integrity, vital environmental processes, biodiversity and living systems.

An Ecotourisme destination

With the Montagne de Reims nature reserve at the heart of the Champagne vineyards,

With the immense Lac du Der, known as a key migration stop for the birds of Europe,

With the particularly preserved forests of Argonne or Sézanne,

With the Blue Flag waving over the beaches of the Der or port of Châlons-en-Champagne,

With the Forêt d’Exception label around Hautvillers – acknowledged by UNESCO, or the unique Faux de Verzy reserve of dwarf beeches,

With 4 natural sites that are open to the public and managed by the natural areas conservatory,With more than 2,000 km of hiking paths including:

The GR 654: the route of Santiago de Compostela
The GR 145: Via Francigena
The GR 14: from Paris to Namur

With more than 30 tourist cycling routes including:
60 km of green routes at the heart of the Champagne wine growing region
60 km of green routes around the Lac du Der
and more than 600 km of MTB trails and a national MTB centre

With 2 walking routes and one garden with the “Tourisme et Handicap” label,

With the Trophée National du Département Fleuri (National Floral Department Trophy) and its 180 towns and villages in bloom which have been awarded from 1 to 4 flowers, improving their quality of life by respecting the environment,

Ecotourism is present throughout the Champagne region where life is worth living in an untouched living environment!

Professionals committed to respect for the environnement and ecotourisme


We have gathered a list of venues: accommodations, restaurants and activity sites managed by professionals who are particularly committed and invested in actions that respect the environment. 

Some have been awarded the following labels of quality: European Ecolabel, Cléverte, Agriculture Biologique (Organic Farming), Ethic Etap, organic restaurants, botanical garden, to name a few.

Others have adhered to specific charters: Ecogîte et écogeste by Gîte de France, Environment by Clévacances, Welcome to the Farm, among others.

The nature-oriented training and field of activities of some justify their selection. : nature guide, ecomuseum, greeters, etc.

Lastly, non-polluting activities such as biking, horse riding, carriage rides and canoeing which emit little CO2 or with a carbon offset system have been selected.

And since 2008, the Agence de développement touristique de la Marne (Marne tourist development agency) has carried out actions in favour of sustainable tourism.



Encouraging responsible tourism

Mass tourism has become one of the main causes
of erosion to our natural heritage.
It is time for tourism to adopt a new
approach: that of sustainable tourism.

This new approach means taking a trip without destroying the very
environment we have  come to visit; enjoying nature and leaving it in tact
after our departure; taking a holiday in a pollution-free area; and discovering
the hidden gems of our local heritage.




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