In order to better respond to the needs of those with disabilities, tourism professionals
are committed to improving the quality of their facilities, information provided and accessibility.

A national label

This national label has been in use since 2001 and can be applied to one or more disabilities. The label is awarded following a positive evaluation of a site's accessibility. Evaluation is based on a range of criteria linked to the site's architecture and equipment as well as the standard of its services and facilities. The label is finally awarded after approval from the national and departmental committees.

Thanks to the creation of the "Tourism and Accessibility" label, these visitors can now benefit from reliable and improved information on the accessibility of holiday destinations for those with motor, visual, hearing or mental disabilities.

The goal of this label is to develop adapted tourism services and facilities in order to increase the autonomy of visitors with disabilities. It identifies the accessibility of tourist and leisure facilities and promotes the development of tourist products and services that are available to all.

This label is particularly aimed at accommodation providers, restaurants, tourist attractions, leisure facilities, hiking trails, swimming areas and Tourist Offices.

Active in Champagne-Ardenne since 2006

The Marne Departmental Tourism Board is committed to increasing the awareness and pro-activity of professionals in the tourism industry in providing integrated services for those with disabilities. It is in charge of Tourism and Accessibility in the department, together with the Regional Tourism Council (Délégation Régionale au Tourisme).

The label is currently attributed to 67 tourist amenities in the region, 31 of which are in the Marne department.



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