This national label is awarded to winegrowing areas in France that are committed to providing quality visitor facilities.
Understanding of the world of wine, a taste for passing on knowledge and passion, an interest in natural, cultural and human heritage...
These are just some of the criteria and requirements needed to obtain this label.

Labelled winegrowing areas

In Spring 2013 six areas in the Champagne appellation were awarded the national label "Vignobles et Découvertes". This makes this winegrowing region the largest labelled region in France, with almost 30,000 hectares spread across 6 different areas. It offers the opportunity to learn more about the many different aspects of this precious nectar. Champagne is a unique area that produces an inimitable beverage known throughout the world, with a variety of different soils, climates and wine-producing methods reflected in the mosaic of different champagnes produced by its winegrowers.

+ Les Coteaux Sud d'Epernay et la Côte des Blancs
+ Reims Mountain
+ Les Coteaux Sézannais
+ Le Massif de Saint Thierry et la Vallée de l'Ardre
+ The Marne Valley
+ La Côte des Bar

Labelled providers

There are almost 500 providers with the "Vignobles et Découvertes" label in Champagne, all ready to welcome you and each with services and facilities that have been carefully selected to help you make the most of your weekends and short stays in Champagne.

logo Vignobles et découvertes


Local providers with this label have made a commitment to fulfil a number of requirements: quality visitor reception facilities in French or another language, specialist knowledge of the world of wine, a passion for sharing this knowledge, authenticity, and an interest in natural, cultural and human heritage.

Accommodation in the heart of the winegrowing areas, restaurants with wine-matching, menus that favour local products and wine cellars open to the public... Champagne offers a wealth of interesting sites, activities and events to help you discover its rich culture and specialist knowledge!


Explore the area
via the Champagne trail

Almost 250 miles of marked trails throughout the Champagne region
pay testament to the region's burgeoning winegrowing heritage.

5 routes, marked out with special signposts, lead you on a journey
through an exceptional winegrowing area and offer a chance to experience
the savoir-faire and passion of local winegrowers and the main
Champagne houses.




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