A visit to a winegrower or Champagne houses is a fabulous way to discover the secrets
surrounding the production of this nectar...

"Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health, drink responsibly"

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Champagne Pierre Legras -
Champagne Pierre Legras offers a tour of its wine press, fermentation room and cellar. Tours are rounded off with a tasting of three champagnes. Bo...
Champagne Tissier 1
Champagne J. M. Tissier offers a tour of its fermentation room, cellar and storerooms, with an explanation about champagne making and the different...
L'Epicurien - Trigny (1)
This former bar-tabac, converted into a wine bar, is a pleasant place where food is also served.
Champagne Nowack - Vandières
A visit to the press-house with a presentation of the estate. A visit to the cellar with an introductory course to disgorging.
Champagne Lysiane Moncourant - Villevenard (1)
A family business for generations, this vineyard was taken over by Lysiane Moncourant a few years ago. The involvement of this passionate winemake...
A visit to the estate.
Champagne Leclère-Pointillart - Ecueil
Champagne Leclère-Pointillart offers a tour of its winery: modern storeroom, fermentation tanks, gyropalette, riddling racks. An explanation of win...
Château Comtesse Lafond - Epernay
A visit to the cellars in a castle.
Champagne Philippe Doury - Pouillon
Champagne Philippe Doury offers a tour of its vineyard with a presentation of the different ‘tailles’, the gyropalettes, the storage and dressing r...
A visit to the vineyard (Coteaux Sud d’Epernay and Côte des Blancs) and learning about the job of a wine grower with demonstrations.
A visit to the cellars and storeroom that were cut more than 15 metres deep into the chalk in the middle of the 19th century. Ground floor access. ...
A visit to the cellars. A family-owned estate.