A visit to a winegrower or Champagne houses is a fabulous way to discover the secrets
surrounding the production of this nectar...

"Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health, drink responsibly"

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Champagne Forget Chemin - Ludes (1)
A visit to the cellar and a walk through the vines. Discovery of the aromas and flavours of champagne and interactive tasting sessions.
Champagne Bonnevie-Bocart welcomes you all year round for visits to its establishment with tastings of its champagnes.
Champagne Oudart Etienne - Brugny-Vaudancourt (1)
A visit to the estate.
A visit to the cellars and to the Vine and Wine Museum. Wine growers for six generations.
Champagne Jean-Marc Vigreux Frère
Champagne Jean-Marc Vigreux-Frère offers a tour of the estate and a tasting of its champagne.
Champagne Lucien Roguet - Mailly-Champagne
Champane Lucien Roguet offers cellar tours.
Champagne Oudit-Simonnet - Val-de-Vière
Oenologists and winegrowers Jean-Claude and Benoit introduce you to their family firm and vineyards and offer tastings of their vintages in a frien...
Champagne André Jacquart - Vertus©Champagne A. Jacquart (2)
A visit to the cellar and the press-house.
Champagne Thévenet Delouvin - Passy-Grigny
Champagne Thévenet Delouvin offers cellar tours.
Discover this small family vineyard. Joëlle and Benoit welcome you for a tour of their traditional equipment (wine press, fermentation room, riddli...
Champagne Quatresols-Gauthier - Ludes (2)
Champagne Quatresols-Gauthier offers visits to its press, fermenting room and chalk cellar typical of the Champagne region. The visit ends with a ...
Explore the family-owned vineyard in a 4x4 vehicle, as the wine-grower himself explains how the vines are looked after.
Champagne Voirin Jumel - Cramant (4)
A visit to the cellar and to the vineyards. Olfactory and gustatory stimulation.