A visit to a winegrower or Champagne houses is a fabulous way to discover the secrets
surrounding the production of this nectar...

"Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health, drink responsibly"

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Champagne Borel-Lucas - Etoges
Champagne Borel-Lucas offers visits to its cellars.
Discover the Champagne Robin-Mortas range in its boutique area.
Champagne Pierre Legras -
Champagne Pierre Legras offers a tour of its wine press, fermentation room and cellar. Tours are rounded off with a tasting of three champagnes. Bo...
Champagne Jean-Marie Rigot -
A visit to the cellars. A family-owned estate. A pleasant setting covered with flowers.
A visit to the cellars, the fermenting rooms and the press-houses (a traditional and a modern one).
Champagne Leclère-Massard - Villeneuve-Renneville-Chevigny



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Champagne Leclère-Massard

This winegrower welcomes you for a champagne-tasting.
Champagne Charlier - Montigny sous Chatillon (6)
A visit to the press-house and the fermenting room which is still entirely equipped with oak tuns of which some are carved. A visit to the small, t...
Champagne Jean-Marc Vigreux Frère
Champagne Jean-Marc Vigreux-Frère offers a tour of the estate and a tasting of its champagne.
A visit to the cellars.
Champagne Georges Cartier - Epernay
A visit to the cellars of the 18th century cut in the chalk. Mural painting. Wine museum. An introductory course to opening a bottle of champagne u...
Champagne Colin - vertus
A visit to the cellars. Food and wine pairing sessions can be provided. A family-owned champagne house.
A visit to the wine-production centre (representing 5,500 wine growers), the production site, with its « hi-tech » circuit (the fermenting, blendin...
A visit to the estate.
Champagne Banette - Tauxières-Mutry
Champagne Banette invites you on a tour of its cellars and the cooperative, and to taste the finished product.