A visit to a winegrower or Champagne houses is a fabulous way to discover the secrets
surrounding the production of this nectar...

"Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health, drink responsibly"

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Champagne De Villepin - Boursault
Champagne De Villepin looks forward to welcoming you to its vineyard (weather and machinery permitting), press rooms, wine-making vat room and cell...
Visits to the cellars and an exhibition of contemporary art. Gallo- Roman chalk cellars. Visit by small train of the vineyard and of the press-hous...
A house decorated with flowers with a wonderful viewpoint of the Valley of the River Marne. A family-owned estate.



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Champagne Robert-Allait

A visit to the cellar, the fermenting room, the dressingroom and the storeroom. Welcome in a typical Champagne region style cellar which displays a...
Champagne F Vauversin - Oger©Dites nous Tout (1)
Champagne F. Vauversin offers visits to its establishment followed by a tasting session of its vintages.
Champagne Tarillon invites you to discover the press, fermenting room and vaulted cellars and sample its champagne.
Champagne De Castellane is situated in Epernay, Capital of Champagne, in an imposing building listed as an historical monument. Its size enables th...
Champagne Bonnevie-Bocart welcomes you all year round for visits to its establishment with tastings of its champagnes.
Champagne Boude Baudin - Cormoyeux (3)
Champagne Boude-Baudin invites you on a tour of the vineyard, the traditional wine press, the traditional technique of disgorging ‘à la volée’ and ...
Champagne Baillette-Prudhomme
Champagne Jean Baillette-Prudhomme offers cellar tours.
A visit to the hand-dug cellars and an exhibition of works of art. A visit to the vineyard.
A visit to the estate.
Independent winegrowers for four generations, Champagne André Tixier & Fils invite you to discover their different cuvées on the estate. Visiting t...
Champagne Cuperly offers a tour of its modern cellar, fermentation room, riddling room, disgorging area and dressing room, followed by a tasting.