A visit to a winegrower or Champagne houses is a fabulous way to discover the secrets
surrounding the production of this nectar...

"Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health, drink responsibly"

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Champagne Petit et Bajan - Avize©Dites nous Tout (1)
Champagne Petit & Bajan comes from two major champagne terroirs: Avize and Verzenay, wine-growing regions classed as Grands Crus. The multiple enco...
Champagne G Richomme -  Barbonne-Fayel
Champagne G. Richomme welcomes you by appointment for a visit, tasting session and discovery of all the stages of the traditional method.
Maison de Champagne A. Soutiran - Ambonnay
Maison de Champagne A. Soutiran offers a tasting of six cuvées.
Visits to the cellars and a visit to the ecomuseum which exhibits tools used for making champagne. Gallo-Roman chalk cellars.
Located at the foot of the vineyard, the owners of Champagne Sabine Godmé will take you on a complete guided tour, including the press room, cellar...
A visit to the cellars, the press-house and the fermenting room.
A visit to the pressing centre and the cellars.
Eight generations have passed since Nicolas Chiquet planted his first vine stock back in 1746. In 1935, Gaston Chiquet launched his own brand. From...
Champagne Alain Vesselle - Bouzy©S. Millot-Coll.CDT Marne4
A visit to the cellars.
Champagne Veuve Eléonore - Oger
Champagne Veuve Eléonore offers cellar tours.
Champagne Huot - Façade



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Champagne Louis Huot

Champagne L. Huot & Fils offers tours of its wine press, fermentation room and tanks, and cellar. Tours are rounded off with a tasting.
A visit to the modern facilities (vats, a pneumatic press, etc.). A family-owned estate.
Champagne Franck Debut - Hermonville
Champagne Franck Debut offers a tour of the cooperative, by arrangement. An explanation about champagne making precedes the tasting.
Champagne Doyard - Vertus©Champagne Doyard (5)
Winner of the Prix du Jury Jeune Talent du Champagne award Grower-winemaker for four generations and winegrower for twelve generations, our Domaine...