A visit to a winegrower or Champagne houses is a fabulous way to discover the secrets
surrounding the production of this nectar...

"Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health, drink responsibly"

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Champagne Vollereaux - Pierry
A visit to the traditional cellars.
Champagne E. Jamart & Cie
A visit to the press-house, the cellars and the disgorging workshop. Pressing in a former traditional press-house. Bottling and disgorging take pla...
2014-11-08 PO Chp yves Jacques Baye
Champagne Yves Jacques offers a tour of its wine presses, fermentation room and the entire production process of its cuvées. Vines have been plante...
Champagne Florent Bergeronneau - Marion - Villedommange
A visit in the vineyards, to the cellar, the press-house and the fermenting room.
This family-owned estate is known for producing champagne from locally grown grapes only (mono-cru). The 55 plots produce authentic champagnes tha...
Independent winegrowers for four generations, Champagne André Tixier & Fils invite you to discover their different cuvées on the estate. Visiting t...
Champagne Eric Isselée
A visit to the chalk cellars, the fermenting rooms and the presshouse.
Living in Épernay for 5 generations, each couple has shown themselves capable of open-mindedness, curiosity, and invention, thus enabling the brand...
Champagne Edmond Bourdelat - Brugny-Vaudancourt
Champagne Edmond Bourdelat offers a tour of its estate. According to the season, a walk among the vines will introduce you to the different stages ...
A visit to the pressing centre and the cellars.
You are sure to be seduced by the bold yet serene architecture of this champagne house. Stroll among the vines, which stretch out as far as the eye...
A visit to the estate.
A visit to the vineyard (Coteaux Sud d’Epernay and Côte des Blancs) and learning about the job of a wine grower with demonstrations.
Champagne R. Gabriel-Pagin Fils - Avenay-Val d'Or
Champagne Gabriel-Pagin offers cellar tours.