Champagne’s prestigious reputation is very well deserved.
A thorough knowledge of the terroir, unfailing enthusiasm and endless courage are the most valuable assets that will ensure the future of young wine producers. And to encourage this new generation, we have created “Young talents in Champagne”.

A unique concept in France!


To reveal the talents of the future, the Marne Departmental Tourist Board and “Dites Nous Tout” Production Company work together with the Epernay Tourist Office to help the general public gain greater knowledge of this wine, its grape varieties… But especially the men and women who work behind the scenes to produce it.

The shortlist includes 4 categories whose very names are redolent of the Champagne region: Chardonnay, Pinot, Rosé and Assemblage (Blend). Needless to say, the shortlisted Champagnes are tasted blind by a panel of oenologists and tasting specialists.


The winners of the 2016 edition!

Marie Doyard, Champagne Jacquart à Vertus,

Alexis Leconte, Champagne Xavier Leconte à Troissy,

Stéphane Vignon, Champagne Vignon Père et fils à Verzenay,

Eric Marin, Champagne Ch. Marin à Avirey Lingey,

General Public Prize:
Christelle Rousseau Salomon, Champagne Christelle Salomon à Vandières,

Jury special Prize:

Christine et Vincent Sevillano, Champagne Piot Sevillano à Vincelles.



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