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A visit to the fermenting room, the press-house, the cellars, the disgorging line and wine growers tools.
Champagne Benoit Cocteaux offers cellar tours.
Champagne Marin et Fils - Avirey-Lingey
This 6 hectare estate is located on the slopes of Avirey-Lingey, in the south of the Côte des Bar region. Eric Marin works with three main grape v...
This family-owned estate is known for producing champagne from locally grown grapes only (mono-cru). The 55 plots produce authentic champagnes tha...
Safran Dumenil - Sacy
Frédérique and Hugues are passionate about the crocus flower, from which saffron is derived. Visitors can take a tour of the saffron production fac...
Champagne Bouquet - Châtilllon-sur-Marne



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Champagne Bouquet

Visits to the press, fermenting room and cellar. Tastings in the cellar, in the reception room for groups, or on the patio, weather permitting. V...
Champagne Xavier Leconte offers cellar tours.
Champagne Rogge Cereser - Passy-Grigny (1)
Champagne Rogge Cereser offers visits to its press, fermenting room and cellar. The visit will end with a tasting session. Visits to the vineyard...
Champagne André Jacquart - Vertus©Champagne A. Jacquart (2)
A visit to the cellar and the press-house.
Champagne Delong Marlène
Champagne Gérard Delong respects the environment by using traditional, natural methods. Marlène and Damien offer a guided tour and a tasting of the...
Champagne Météyer et Fils - Trélou©Champagne Météyer (3)
Discover the winegrower's craft with a guided visit to the small museum presenting a magnificent collection of traditional and historic objects. Th...
Champagne L&S Cheurlin - Celles-sur-Ource
Winners of the Jeune Talent du Champagne award