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Champagne Christelle Salomon - Vandières
Christelle moved to the family-owned estate, covering 3 hectares in Vandières on the right bank of the Marne, in 1999. She founded her label in 2...
Champagne Delong Marlène
Champagne Gérard Delong respects the environment by using traditional, natural methods. Marlène and Damien offer a guided tour and a tasting of the...
Champagne Vincent Gobert invites you to discover its champagne production process, from pressing to shipping. Here, champagne is made the tradition...
Champagne F Vauversin - Oger©Dites nous Tout (1)
Champagne F. Vauversin offers visits to its establishment followed by a tasting session of its vintages.
Safran Dumenil - Sacy
Frédérique and Hugues are passionate about the crocus flower, from which saffron is derived. Visitors can take a tour of the saffron production fac...
Champagne L&S Cheurlin - Celles-sur-Ource
Winners of the Jeune Talent du Champagne award
Champagne Didier Ducos - St Martin d'Ablois©Champagne D Ducos



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Champagne Didier-Ducos

Champagne Didier Ducos offers a visit to its establishment and a tasting of its champagnes.



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Champagne Boutillez-Marchand

Prices from 12 €

Champagne Alain Bernard - Dizy©Champagne Alain Bernard (6)
Discover the expertise and vintages of this family estate where the cellars were entirely hand-hollowed by Arthur Bernard, its founder.
This family-run estate invites you to discover its vineyard and wines. Learn all about the business, the champagnes and what goes on behind the sce...
Independent winegrowers for four generations, Champagne André Tixier & Fils invite you to discover their different cuvées on the estate. Visiting t...