Having celebrated all the coronations of the Kings of France (well, almost), the Champagne region has become used to sophisticated gourmet pleasures. And it takes great care and delight in continuing its gourmet traditions...

Culinary delights in Champagne

From escargots de Champagne and sauce Champagne, to the legendary and exquisite pig's trotters à la Sainte-Ménehould and the delicious gâteau de biscuits roses with its magical almond flavour, Marne gastronomy is both surprising and sophisticated, just like its great wines.

Distillerie Guillon


As an aperitif or with melon, cured ham or even foie gras, Champagneratafia, with its lovely amber colour, is appreciated in all the finest restaurants. Another nice surprise from Champagne: single malt... produced in the Montagne de Reims area where the spring water is as pure as it is in Scotland!

And there are a number of traditional beers just waiting to be enjoyed. But Champagne is also the land of vins clairs (still wines), the most famous of which is Bouzy red, served up at banquets for the Kings of France when they stayed in Reims. Do you think that the bronze cockerel standing so proudly next to the church in Bouzy has anything to do with the fact that one of Champagne’s best-loved dishes is coq au vin made with the red wine from that village?

Spécialité de Reims : Croquignoles Fossier


Quality vinegar is made from the disgorgement of the Champagne wines and, with its dark or pale colours, is often to be found in restaurants run by the greatest chefs. As you may know, vinegar is tasted and talked about just like wine: we talk of fruity, floral or vanilla aromas in much the same way.

Mustard, too, is something of a delicacy and the sky is the limit when making it or using it in cooking. With its colours varying from pale yellow with seeds to silky pistachio green, mustard from Reims is used in some wonderfully original recipes...

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Croquignoles are small crunchy biscuits, pink or pale yellow, round or long in shape that you can eat on their own or with creamy puddings, mousses and other desserts... 

Nonnettes, little cakes made with gingerbread and honey, with melt-in-the-mouth orange or mirabelle marmalade in the centre, are the epitome of gastronomic delight. Taste these as a child and you’ll remember them all your life. And while we’re on the subject of biscuits, let’s not forget the famous pink biscuit of Reims, dusted with icing sugar, which our ancestors ate with a glass of Champagne or even dunked in the famous Bouzy wine.

And to top it all, chocolate champagne corks with a liqueur (champagne brandy) centre simply take the biscuit!


Cabbages, games and grains are the traditional ingredients of our local cuisine. There is no better way to illustrate that than with the hotpot of Champagne and its salt pork, flanked by a beautiful cabbage cooked in broth.

But our savours also emerge from our lentils of Champagne (slightly rose-coloured and thinner than regular ones), the pig's trotters à la Sainte-Ménehould (stimmered and breaded), the Champagne-flavoured Reims ham... Here, the word terroir isn't used to sound authentic: it is a source of endlessly renewed creativity for the chefs who work here.



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