Although Champagne, authentic and precious, is known above all for its precious nectar and unmissable historical heritage; it also knows how to astonish and charm its visitors by unique, original and fun activities to enjoy over a weekend or for an excursion!



Under the lines of vines in the village of Fleury-la-Rivière is hidden "La Cave aux Coquillages” (the shell cave). An ancient tropical sea, whose only remains are shells fossilised more than 45 million years ago, extremely well conserved! The star of the show? The Campanile Giganteum is a giant gastropod measuring between 40 to 60cm long.

Do you want to learn about geology and oenology? The cave is situated at the Domaine du Champagne Legrand-Latour...

Tastings and sensory experiences around champagne are organised in addition to this most unique visit!


To make an impact and have an unprecedented experience, Champagne Vincent Gobert is a huge asset! In Romery, it houses a museum and tasting space inside a giant bottle with a panoramic view over the surrounding vineyard...

A building Vincent Gobert built himself and which gives great delight to its visitors!


The Champagne region has some unusual inhabitants... In 1997, the town of Eguisheim gave the village of Hautvilliers a pair of cygnets, and since then an organisation allows you to watch the hatchings in April and May and see the little ones in the nest. Throughout the year you can go on guided visits with a mine of information on the subject! You can even see the rare black swan.

Champagne School - Voirin Jumel


A dozen pupils, a blackboard... It feels like we’ve gone back to the benches of a tiny school in the 1930s!

But at the Champagne School at Champagne Voirin-Jumel, the syllabus is a little different... Calculus and reciting lines give way to wine-growing, creating champagne and tasting.

Be warned, there will be a little written test as you leave and a dunce’s hat for inattentive students...

Cigognes Hautvillers
Libre Maquis - Belval sous Chatillon


How about seeing Champagne with birds of prey performing freely in front of you…

The birds will perform breathtaking aerial manoeuvres for small groups or couples.

After meeting them properly, you will have an opportunity to hold them on your gloved wrist.

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