Balade à Le Thoult Trosnay

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For many years, when the priory reigned over the region, le petit Morin was crossed on foot here in this favourable spot in the valley. The ford, or "thoult" in Celtic, continued even after the construction of a fine stone bridge. Nearby, on a small mound, is the church of Saint Nicolas (which can be visited), a listed monument which houses restored paintings and statues, also listed. In Trosnay, all that is left of the Saint Ferréol chapel is a transept and the feudal castle was pillaged by the English before being used as a stone quarry; in Le Thoult however, in the greenery of its grounds, is the 17th century castle and other fine dwellings. There are also three washhouses which can be seen in the narrow streets, showing charming little houses with well-preserved Brie characteristics.

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