Circuit d’Orbais-l’Abbaye en 4 balades

With children aged 4-6 | With children aged 7-12 | Historical | Shady | Panoramic | Picnic

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Time required for the tour:
30 minutes to 1 hour

Length in km:
1.5 to 3.5 km

Starting from:

Set off to explore Orbais- l’Abbaye: the magnificent 13th century building, the museum of rural life, the narrow streets, the old buildings and more; everything takes you back to the past. 4 walks to choose from: panorama of Orbais (3.5 km – 1hour); the vines (2.5 km – 1hour); the mountain (2.4 km – 45 minutes); the mill (1.5 km – 30 minutes).

On the way:
Museum of rural life
Gothic style abbey church

Tracé de l'itinéraire

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