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The inhabitants of Cramant are known as 'bears'. But instead of rejecting this image of their supposed way of thinking, they emphasise it with a good dose of humour by placing it on the village coat of arms and exhibiting it in the streets as a topiary. But are they really so bear-like? With several bed and breakfasts and picnic areas, and with the entrances to the village decorated in such style (a large bottle and barrels on one side, hands offering a bunch of grapes on the other, and a fresco carved into the chalk), and with the wine-growers who cultivate the 350 hectares of 'grand cru' on the C“te des Blancs who are anxious to welcome visitors, it can be said that the 'plantigrades' have disproved their reputation...
Contact: Town Hall ? Tel. +33(0)3 26 57 84 86


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