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This guide is an invitation to discover a special but fragile heritage, enabling each one to live their everyday life in a splendid setting… This plain heritage, still full of details, helps to understand its typicality and to highlight it. By following the trail described in the guide « Si Rilly-la-Montagne m’était conté », go and (re)discover the village, and with the help of clues and postcards, (re)find the streets and monuments of the time.

Tracé de l'itinéraire

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Champagne Daniel Dumont

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Gîte du Champagne Lefevre-Beuzart

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Champagne Roger Manceaux

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Champagne Henri Chauvet

à 0.33km

Rêve Champenois

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Champagne Yves Couvreur

à 0.36km

Champagne Jeangout

à 0.36km

Prise de Mousse

à 0.41km

Champagne J.Lassalle

à 0.41km

Champagne Didier Herbert

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Maison d’Hôtes Les Bulles Dorées

à 0.44km

Champagne Stéphane Herbert

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