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Site listed as a Historical Monument,?Birthplace of Champagne?, made famous in the 18th century by the monk and cellar man Dom P‚rignon, the inventor of the Champagne wine method. 140 wrought iron signs hang from the houses of the village. Panoramic viewpoints over the Marne Valley.

Nestling between the forest on the hilltop and the descending vineyards, above Epernay and its valley, Hautvillers has witnessed the works of Dom P‚rignon on the vines and the wine come to fruition with the elaboration of this unique beverage. The birthplace of champagne bubbles with amazing charm with its proud houses whose fa‡ades are decorated with wrought iron signs illustrating the occupation of the owners, with its winding streets leading the imagination, and the abbey church watching over the monks in their cellars. Even the storks come here to reproduce from the couple offered as a gift by Eguisheim for the 30th anniversary of the twinning with the Alsatian village.

Contact: Town Hall ? Tel.: +33(0)3 26 59 40 19


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