Rural meetings around the gardens...


If the beauty of the hillsides, the richness of the heritage, or the expanses of the lakes reflect a joyous geography, it can also be seen in the everyday lives of the blossoming towns and villages.

Remarkable trees, multicoloured flowers, and indigenous plants climb exceptional residences, Champagne houses, the forests and the plains... a delight for the eyes and the senses! Passionate locals open their gardens to you, you can explore the villages by way of flower walks, and the parks are enlivened with the seasons and are made for wandering. 

Nudge the house doors and the garden gates, explore protected natural areas, see the flowers in bloom; the Marne offers you a real breath of nature!


Located between Reims and Épernay, the Montagne de Reims Regional Natural Park is a real oasis for the conservation of animal and plant species and traditional architecture (Roman churches, wayside crosses, wash-houses, etc.).

Visitors will delight in the nearly 300 kilometres of marked walking paths and there are many bicycle and horse tracks as well as geology discovery trails.

The Park is bursting with treasures such as the wild orchids in Champagne and the Faux de Verzy. These “turtle beeches” with knotty and deformed trunks remain a mystery for scientists and a constant subject of wonder for walkers...

With more than 800 “faux” trees, including some that are three hundred years old, it is the global pool for “faux”. 

Guide des parcs et jardins de la Marne


The Marne opens the doors of its Parks and Gardens to you! This guide contains information on the most flowery department in France, with municipalities carrying the “4 Fleurs” label, parks and gardens, natural sites, as well as a calendar of events.

Parks and Gardens Guide


To understand the language of flowers, since 2010 the flowery towns and villages of the Marne have been offering "Balades Fleuries®” (Flower Walks) to flower and landscape-loving visitors.

A unique concept in France, these themed, unguided, and free tours are marked out as an easy hiking trail. All along the walk, signs invite you to explore, admire, and smell the flowers at your leisure. On the way you can enjoy the local heritage: churches, fountains, wash-houses... and cross other walking circuits that will entice you to explore further.

There are rural walks to unwind and have a nice time with other flower and nature-lovers!