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Discover the town in an unusual way by taking one of the three routes dedicated to the wash houses.

Esternay is well known for its castle, but less so for its wash houses and fountains. However, be they public or private, they have been restored and enhanced thanks to flowers.

Three marked walking routes allow us to discover their secrets. The signs on the walls near the wash houses tell us about the washerwomen’s work and about the history of the different neighbourhoods. The wash houses have lost their original function but these walking routes aim to breathe life back into them as marketplaces.

Each route lasts around 1 hour and the tour is either free or guided. The Circuit de Viviers (fish pond tour), which passes by the castle, offers a lovely panorama.

The (little) plus

For hikers, the trails can be done in such a way as to form a 13 km route. Perfect for getting a lovely overview of the town of Esternay!


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