PR 63 Circuit entre Vignes et Faux

Among the vines | Must-see | Shady | Panoramic | Picnic | For strong walkers

take advantage (of it)...!

Time required for the tour
4 hours

Length in km
16 km

Starting from

This loop through vineyard and forest includes a series of magnificent viewpoints over the hillsides of Champagne and takes you to see the "Faux", the twisted beech trees with their strange shapes. They are a mystery of nature and can be found in such large numbers only here. Legends and mysteries abound about these amazing trees nestled at the foot of the Montagne de Reims.

On the way
Educational signposted path of the Faux de Verzy
Verzenay: Lighthouse - Musée de la Vigne, mill, Saint Basle chapel
Mailly-Champagne: Geological quarry and educational signposted path, church
Parc accrobranche® (tree climbing)
Mount Sinai Observatory (viewpoint with indicators)

Tracé de l'itinéraire

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