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Reims is a city of art and of history that welcomes you to its famous UNESCO World Heritage sites: the cathedral of Notre Dame and the Palais du Tau, the cathedral museum, and the basilica and Museum-Abbey of Saint Remi, dedicated to the bishop who baptised Clovis. Take a stroll along the streets by day or by night, and visit the countless sites, monuments and museums which are testimony to the history of Reims, from the Gallo-Roman period to the contemporary period, via the era of Art D‚co? Enjoy the world of Champagne and its gastronomy. No less than 250 kilometres of cellars and Gallo-Roman chalk mines lie underground here, waiting to be explored. Visit the prestigious champagne houses, estates and cellars that stand alongside the Champagne Tourist Trail. Come and experience the thrill of the city's festivals, shows and events.


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