At the edges of the Champagne plains, the Argonne Country features vast forests, lush prairies, and villages nestled in nature.

petite cité de caractère® (LITTLE TOWN OF CHARACTER) 

Sainte-Ménehould gets its name from a young woman, Manehildis, who stood out in the 5th century for her kindness and piety.

Completely rebuilt in the 18th century, following a violent fire, its style is absolutely unique. On the Château hilltop with its unmistakeable look there are period houses and a 13th century church. 

Often placed in the heart of history with the flight of Louis XVI, the Battle of Valmy, or the combats of the First World War, it retains many traces of its past that are just waiting to be explored!

Forêt d'Argonne


At the beginning of the Middle Ages, the monks valued the forest: thus were born the abbeys of Beaulieu, Moiremont, Châtrices, and La Chalade. The abundant wood served as fuel for glass-making and earthenware workshops, whose most famous productions are the so-called Islettes dishes (18th century), very valued by collectors.

Studded with ponds and vast forests, the Argonne features flora and fauna preserved in a plentiful natural setting ideal for green getaways!

On foot, by bike, on horseback, or even in a pedal boat, this majestic domain – with shimmering colours in every season – is the ideal place for an open air trip..

Centre Historique de Valmy 1792


Explore the prestigious site where the Battle of Valmy was fought in 1792. The French army, led by Dumouriez, met the coalition forces of the European monarchies here. General Kellermann had command of the army's centre, close to the windmill.

The attack took place on the morning of 20 September. The Valmy windmill, a symbolic feature, was the focal point for the Prussian artillery during the battle and the theatre of gunfire. This victory led to the proclamation of the Republic the following day, 21 September 1792.

The Centre historique Valmy 1792 will immerse you in the heart of this historic battle of which Goethe said the famous words: "From this place and from this time dates a new era in the world and you can say: I was there.” 


It is no secret that he is the supposed father of champagne, the producer of the best champagne wines, and a proud citizen of Hautvillers.

However, less is known about his place of birth.

So that we will remember him, Sainte-Ménehould raised a statue of him in 1956, on which he displays a smile that is half-fig and half-grape, of course!

Hiking in Argonne

Nature lovers and experienced mountain bikers: the Argonne forest, the green lung of the Marne, is open to you!

Here, mountain bikers and hikers rub shoulders on many and varied circuits through the vast forests, the lush prairies, the ponds, and villages nestled in nature...

Bière de Valmy


Chocolate, honey, beers from Orgemont or from Valmy, and other specialities are waiting to be discovered in the local producers’ shops or in the local restaurants... 

Food lovers shouldn’t miss the famous pied de cochon (pigs’ trotters) at Sainte-Ménehould, a local speciality that we owe to the absent-mindedness of a young galley boy, who left a pot of feet on the stove overnight. The result: the meat, marrow, and bones became tender and could be eaten. This was how, from 1790, this dish acquired its culinary reputation in Champagne and beyond!

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Some suggestions for tours to explore Sainte-Ménehould and the surrounding area, for a short walk or a long stay!