Between Brie and Champagne, explore a region of hillsides and vineyards, forests and wetlands... Lovers of nature or of stone buildings will be enchanted!


Come and savour the rich diversity of the areas around Esternay and Sézanne, less than ten miles from Epernay.

The local history will unfold as you venture from site to site, including châteauxabbeyschurches and other fascinating monuments of the past.

Brie Champenoise is also worth a visit for its local community. Some have turned making Champagne – and letting you taste it! – into an art form, while others are passionate about making your stay a pleasant one by offering regional products and leisure and relaxation activities for the whole family. Brie Champenoise is a place that has won the hearts of Henri IV of France, Victor Hugo, Marcel Proust and many others... It looks forward to giving you the most sparkling of welcomes.


Petite cité de caractère® (LITTLE TOWN OF CHARACTER)

Sézanne, a medieval town shaped by its past, features some lovely walks. Explore ten centuries of history: remnants of towers and walls, lane ways, houses... all these old stones carry the weight of history and the anecdotes that have made Sézanne.

Don’t miss the magnificent 16th century church whose massive, 42 metre tall square tower overlooks the rooftops, concealing buttresses in its workrooms, kinds of small stalls built into the very walls of the church. From 1499, saddlers, tailors, boilermakers, bakers, goldsmiths, glass-makers... have all plied their trade in the 23 niches. 4 remain, tucked into the tower’s buttresses.

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Wander along the streets and look up at the many curiosities that attract the walker’s eye: sundials, skylights, statuettes, coats of arms, or even magnificent covered markets in the Baltard style.

A veritable romantic walk is available for visitors through the picturesque lane ways.


This is a real green area, with the Vallée du Petit Morin, its forests and ponds. A demonstration of Napoleon’s military genius, the Battle of Montmirail was won by the “Marie-Louise” (newly recruited young French soldiers) and the Old Guard on 11 February 1814.

Here you can see the Château de Montmirail, the rampart lane ways, the Saint-Etienne de Montmirail church, and the Tour de Montléan.

Did you know ?

Part of the grounds were designed by Le Nôtre and the Sun King stayed at the château. The Emperor had breakfast here on the morning of the battle in February 1814, during the Campaign of North-East France. 

Cyclo-Draisines du Grand Morin


Once known for its porcelain production and its basket makers, Esternay has a remarkable heritage for visitors: villages, churches, Brie farms, abbeys, châteaux, fountains... This terroir with vast agricultural tracts is also ideal for green tourism thanks to the many hiking trails in the  state-run La Traconne forest or that at Gault.

Don’t hesitate to explore even more in a fun and original way with the Grand Morin Handcars. Better known in France by the name “velorail”, the handcar can carry up to 4 people. There are two sites to explore: Esternay and Joiselle for a friendly time on this former railway line.

Marais de St Gond


At Reuves, the green tree-frog sings boisterously, the northern crested newt swims the back crawl, and butterflies and dragonflies have their secret meetings... This scene isn’t taken from a children’s story but it’s well and truly visible in the Saint Gond wetlands.

In this stunning place, many plant and animal species in danger of disappearing from France have found shelter. Leaving from Reuves, a nature trail allows you to soak up the site.

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  • Montmirail Tourism Office - 4 place Rémy-Petit - 51210 Montmirail - +33 3 26 81 40 05- www.montmirail-tourisme.eu

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